Diary of a Thesis - Day 270

After several days of procrastinating, frustrating, thinking, writing, boring, yet exciting, my author was finally got on track! She finalized my method section and got a green light from our lovely supervisor to continue to focus on other sections. My results section is starting to show it's shape and is awaiting for next week feedback. This week's plan is to write discussion as much as she can. I hope I could help, but I can only remind her of how she wrote the results, and try to analyse it from a further view to see the broader yet deeper thoughts about it. Another thing that I encourage her to do is to read more articles to obtain richer empiric supports.

Meanwhile, her Australia visa for World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies 2016 has been granted. So this week she was also busy to arrange the preparation. Tickets and hotel had been booked, she just need to do three more things: prepare the presentation, present the paper, and submit for seminar fund reimbursement. These tasks, she can do later at the end of May.

Anyway, it is Kesturi's school holiday so we might go somewhere to see more of New Zealand. Before we go, hopefully she fulfill the writing target to be able to submit me on time.