Diary of a Thesis - Day 253

I just decided to write my journey after 252 days of quirky contemplation. Quirky here means I finally got approval from Ethics Committee after three months of my author's thinking, revising, waiting, bewildering, negotiating, and loving myself to grow without hurting anyone. Quirky here means I finally collected all the data after three months of my author's works: traveled Bandung-Tanjungsari on weekdays, spent time with her daughters during the nights and weekends, and did the sometimes-frustrating trials and errors. Quirky here means I was becoming one of the tiring processes in my author's life, but in the same time, both of us gain many wonderful experiences. 

It's been 30 days (approximately) since my author started to change me from memories into scientific words. Until now I've got my initial intro, method, results, and discussion parts which still require more development. I want to help my author, but I don't know how. I just try to be more attractive when she stay around, although I realize her daughters are more attractive than me. I try to be more read-able, although her fave movies are more watch-able than me. But those issues won't stop me to try, because I know, she knows, the ultimate purpose of creating me into a complete thesis is not only to be responsible to Indonesian people who fund my author's life when she's with me, but also to be able to create happiness in every place she visit, in every time she spend, and in every surface she touch.

I was worried that today was a not-so-productive day. She only modified the presentation of my figures and revised a paragraph of my method section. Maybe it's because today is still holiday, and our supervisor voices who said "... take a few days off," is going in our head. While I was floating in a dream boat inside her laptop, she spending her time with the family: cuddling, sleeping, eating, watching TV and watching the kids dancing, sometimes feeling angry when she try to focus more on me than her family but they keep staying around. After all, I think it WAS a productive day for my author, because time is not a waste when you spend it with people you love most.