A Good Friday Afternoon in Devonport

Easter holiday started and it's also my husband's day off, so we decided to jump on a ferry and went to Devonport. Ferries in many destinations from and to Auckland accept AT Hop card. The adult fare is NZD 6.20 in cash, or 4.50 (3.60 for tertiary students) with AT Hop. The child fare is 3.70, or 2.30 with AT Hop. Seeing AT Hop applies to many type of transportation, it might be one of the indicators that Auckland public transports (buses, trains, and ferries) are pretty well-integrated.

Ferry ride
During the ferry trip, Keke and Firyal very excited and stand still on the deck to see the sea. My mom, she also enjoyed the view, while crying. This crying is a happy one I guess, since she had the tears in the same time she had those big smiles. My husband, as usual, sat near the window and observed everything with his handsome-ness (ignore this one, his handsome-ness can only be detected by his wife, who is happened to be me). Me? While enjoying the sea view, I googled and downloaded Devonport guide.
Leaving the city

Devonport wharf
Arrive in Devonport
On arrival, although I already have a pdf version of Devonport tour guide, I still took some flyers about Devonport tour spots in the information center. I feel like I don't want to miss any good spot while we're here. After my husband asked me, I confirmed to the wharf officer about the last ferry departure, which is around 10 pm, which is we still have plenty of time to spend here.  Outside the wharf, we found a small ice cream store and a cow statue. Taking pictures here were so hard to resist. The cow looked very real!
The cow :-)
Devonport beach
We headed to Devonport beach, and I already felt hungry. Keke and Firyal play with my husband in the playground, my mother took a break in the park bench, and I went to the nearest Fish n Chips store. Actually we packed our lunch from home, rice and bala-bala. But after being on a ferry and enjoying the sea, I thought that fish n chips can complete this journey. I felt a little bit upset when I came to the fish n chips store. I came in and one of the staffs said that the order will be done in a long time and asked me to wait to order. Then some people came in to order and stand in front of the cashier. I realize that I should also wait there rather than walk around the store. When the cashier ready to receive order, I came and said that I came first. But maybe it's looked like I jumped on the queue. Although my order got in first, the person after me got his order out first. I ignore this fish n chips 'incident' and brought the hot fish n chips to the park. We enjoyed lunch, sea, and park at the same time.
Devonport library and around
On my way to fish n chips store before, I looked around Devonport beach and found some building with interesting architecture. Most of them are in victorian building style, except the library. Devonport library exterior is in wood colour, I don't know whether its material is also from wood, or maybe other types of building material. We cannot go in to the library because it's closed for holiday.
Devonport Library
No traffic light.
Mt Victoria
After a long discussion because of the conflict between willingness to enjoy Auckland view from Mt Victoria summit and tiredness, we decided to go to the summit. On the way, Keke bought a chocolate and vanila gelato and Firyal fell asleep. The view was great and we managed to get some nice pictures. Actually it was my second time visit to Mt Victoria. The first one is an LPDP Awardee gathering.
View from the summit.
We spent some times in the summit, then went down to the wharf, enjoyed ice cream (again) near the cow statue, and took a ferry back to Auckland.
Auckland city view from the ferry.